Small Scale Change Strategy

I was lucky to have been invited to speak to the alumni of the Ninoy and Cory Leadership Journey.  My topic was “Finding God in My Busy Life.”  Right before my talk, two gentlemen walked in to give their talk to a younger group — both of them in their own way have dedicated their lives to this country and those who need it most.  One of them was my former theology teacher, Bobby Guevara.  His talk was called “Moving Forward With a Sense of Service and Purpose.”

Bobby Guev stood in front of the young group of about 30 and started his presentation.  In the first 5 minutes the way he moved, used his slides, and interacted with the students made me think “Ah this guy is really a teacher. You can see the experience showing.”  That thought made me remember that I was once his student a little more than 20 years ago.

And then I did the math: (23 years) x (2 or 3 classes a semester) x (2 semester/year) x (30 students per class).

“And he’s kept on doing it” I thought. Why? Why does he keep doing it?

The answer in my head went something like, “‘Coz that’s how it’s done… in small groups … one person at a time.”

For some of us, that’s the change strategy we’ve discovered: one person at a time, hoping that the 15 or so weeks together (in not just what is being said, but how it is said, and the why of the person who stands in front and says it) informs their present lives and helps in their future choices.  It’s an investment in hope. But also a response of giving back- you do it coz someone did it to you … maybe 23 years ago.

Next week I start class number 25.

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