What If I’m Not Good Enough?

When we were in our 20’s I had coffee with a friend who was going to Barcelona to study art and get an MA.  I remember how struck I was with her passion for art, how it connects with her and how it can move others.  I remember her saying it was like this is what she always wanted ever since she was small.  And then she stopped and worried if she was good enough to be in the program.

When we get in touch with our passions, often we feel called to follow them. Often we also get scared. What if we’re not good enough? What if we fail? What if we won’t be successful? What if we won’t be happy?

So we talked. She told about how passionate she was about art, how much time she spent drawing, painting, sculpting and learning about her art. The more I listened, the more it became clear to me: passions and calls don’t ask us to be good enough.  They ask us to be faithful. They ask us to just take the next clear step (even if they seem scary and impractical) and trust  that the next chapters will unfold at the right time.

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